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Conferences, Graduating & Grad School Application Question

So anyone know any interesting and cheap conferences happening in the Illinois, Wisconsin area that pertain to education and instructional technology? :)  ICE (Illinois Computer Educators) has one coming up in March but eh, I was told by people who attended last year that it was atricious and not worth attending.   Two years ago, I thought it was rather good but eh.  *shrugs*

And on a slightly neurotic I know the answer but I ask anyway... it is bad to e-mail a university and ask what the chances of getting in? :/  I really, really want in this PhD programme.  I do.  I won't know till April.  Often they interview canidates but I  am doing an international application and I already talked to them for an hour and a half in October about my proposal... and yeah.  *nod nods*

Graduating in May and the whole get graduated process is highly annoying and scarey and frustrating.  I've got a whole slew of portfolio things to get completed.  One part wants professional membership to show interest and continuing interest after you graduate.  I renewed my membership with the ALA because I really, really like them and their materials they send me.  I also joined Association for Educational Communications and Technology and Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education.  The first is loved by my department and the second fits with some of my interests.  Trying to get a job to back up if my PhD application gets turned down.  I'm also thinking about applying for a teaching certificate programme.  I really don't want to teach but I figured it would be helpful given my possible long term goals...  Arg arg arg.  I don't want to do that but I do want a back up plan.  I sent out 150 resumes and all no thanks. :/ 
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