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PhD type question

*looks around guilty*  Mods, please delete if this is entirely inappropiate.

This community seems to have a noticable academic bent... and I was wondering if anyone knew of any say PhD programmes in Education or Instructional Technology (or liberal arts in general where you could research something like described below) that were research based and still accepting applications for the fall...  Europe, Australia, Asia, North America... not really picky on location.

I'm interested in the instructional applications and implications of learning in fan fiction communities.  I like writing things like intrinsic motivation & quality in fan fiction and Design and Implementation of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: FanDomination.Net. A lot of the scholarship out there doesn't seem, well, oriented in this direction. :(   I'd like to possibly see about applying to something where maybe I could do something similar about research wise on a bigger scale or with a decidely more scholarly approach.  

Any ideas, people, universities, etc. that people think might be helpful?
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