i get my tips in picks and hair clips (lolacat) wrote in educgradstudent,
i get my tips in picks and hair clips


Hi! I know this community isn't very active but wanted to join anyway. I have my BS Ed in English Ed, but am finishing a masters in American Studies. I'm applying for admission to a PhD program in education (Language, Literacy, & Culture) here at the U of Iowa.

My main interest is comp-lit for new college students, but more importantly in TA orientation to teaching these courses, and TA practices as teachers of basic college reading/writing. In general, I'm really interested in post-secondary pedagogy and the determination of what it means to be a "college level" writer/reader.

I did my undergrad at the University of Oklahoma, so if anyone has questions about that school and its programs, I can answer them... same w/ Iowa.
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